WTH Is This?

Hi, how Y’all doing?

My name’s Cobrafire(Well, that’s the name I go by while on the internets. If you really wanna know my name, my DeviantART, Last.fm, or Twitter pages would have them.) When I’m not drawing, playing games, or pontificating the mysteries of life(or wonder why the hell American Idol is still on the air. Same thing) I watch Anime. After which I make sarcastic comments about what I just watched.  That’s how it supposed to go anyway. Most times I tend to get distracted by watching alot of Anime at once, or a Very Good Videogame or two, that I tend to forget the “writing” part. I am getting better at this, I am proud to say.

9 times outta ten, I am online, so If you have any comments or want to tell me to get back to work,  you could PM me via AIM or MSN or just tweet me.

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