Posted by: Cobrafire | December 24, 2009

Of Tiger Woods And The Awesomeness Of Xanbungle

Pic unrelated, but it's Christmas Eve & I like Toradora, so why not?

Warning: The following spiel may be considered sexist and/or racist by some people. It is also VERY VERY LONG. My Bad. Anyway don’t read if you’re easily offended or have a short attention span.

So, let’s get this outta the way firsthand: enough already with the damn Tiger Woods coverage. For fuck sakes, y’all acting like a major celebrity never cheated on their wife before. Now, I wasn’t gonna give this the time of day, but Jason Miao blogged about it, so I figured, why not? Also, I’m wanna try talking about it without referencing Gundam Seed Destiny, or as I like to call it, How to Make a Anime Show Consisting of 30% Stock Footage, Character Derailment, and Badly Done Retcons AND Still Make an Assload of Money Cause Those Stupid Otaku Would Buy Anything As Long As The Word Gundam Is On It, by Mitsuo Fukada. But I am getting off track here.

I have several opinions to make here:

  1. Tiger shouldn’t leave the PGA Tour over this, nor should it affect the fact that he is still one of the richest athletes in the world. Instead of taking the Roger Clemens Approach and try to deny any wrongdoing despite the fact that not only are his hands are in the cookie jar, but he has crumbs on his hands, he should take the Barry Bonds Approach and keep doing what he does best, as Katt Williams points out.
  2. The amount of attention this has gotten, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, is mind boggling, but that could be said for any media feeding frenzy, really. Even more so considering who it is that’s in the spotlight. Tiger Woods, along with Wayne Brady and Bryant Gumbel, are like the Holy Trinity of “safe” Black Men, i.e., in White People perspective, A Negro they can let marry their daughter. Of course, OJ Simpson was considered “safe” a long time ago… (And before any of y’all get any idea of me being racist, I am a Black Man myself. The fact that I even have to put this in should tell you how far we have to go re: Race in America.)
  3. I don’t want to sound sexist and all, but not all of this is Tiger’s fault. When a something like this happens, almost all of the scrutiny, blame, and hatred fall squarely on the guy in the equation, though sometimes this is justified, as the guy sometimes is a unforgivable asshole. However, assholery is a gender equal trait(see: every attention whore coming out of the woodwork saying they boinked Tiger.) The point I am trying to get to is that the wife shoulda put out more(boy, did that sound really sexist or what?). I’m sorry, but the one thing a wife should know is how much of a freak her hubby is in bed and plan accordingly, the whole Elliot Spitzer thing last year being a prime example. But then again, Tiger might be an unrepentant philandering jerkoff, which brings me to my final point.
  4. We Americans(If you’re not an American and are reading this, feel free to skip this part and go the next paragraph which is a nice bit and has Xanbungle in it) have a bad habit of putting people on pedestals and act all butthurt when a person fails to live by that standards or worse, enjoy it when they inevitably fall.This shit needs to stop.Charles Barkley said a decade and a half ago in a commercial “I am not a Role Model” and spent the majority of basketball and broadcasting careers proving his point. Yes, Tiger Woods made Golfing accessible to people under the age of 45 and inspired a generation of young golfers. But at the end of the day he is still human and is capable of screwing up, and that is something we should remember.

Christ that was long. And haven’t even got to Anime part yet. Well, here goes.

I had first heard of Xanbungle about nine years ago when I saw one of those MS in Action(or in this case Walker Machine in Action) figures at a store that sold them. Since I didn’t know what a Xanbungle was and because it wasn’t Gundam related, I promptly ignored it. Fast Forward to about 10 months ago and me playing Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden where after getting over the fact that how it should be logically impossible for this to even happen. With the exception of Original Generations, the SRW (or SRT if you wanna be a Japanophlile about it) series is something you should apply the MST3K Mantra to. Otherwise your brain is gonna lock up if you think about it too much, like how the hell is it possible for the characters in Macross and Macross Plus to be together at the same time, despite Plus being set thirty years after Macross. Alpha 3 makes this even more complicated by throwing Macross 7 in the mix. And don’t even get me started on the Gundams. So, to get back on point, that’s when I see Xanbungle again. After going through the game and reading the TV Tropes page on it, because almost everything has a page on TV Tropes nowadays, my thought was “This is ridiculous yet awesome show. I must watch this.”

Sadly, I have ran into one off the major pitfall of finding a Mecha Anime fansub: If it wasn’t subbed the year it came out and/or does not have the word Gundam or Evangelion in the title, the chances of finding it in English are slim. And sure enough, the lone group that did subbed it dropped it after 6 episodes. I encountered the same thing when I tried to look for subs of Daitarn 3, the other show that I really wanted to see, except instead of lack of subs, it was in Italian, cause Daitarn is the shit there for some reason. So I pretty much abandoned all hope and put it outta my mind until two things happened:

First off, the week after I got my computer replaced and checked the internets I find subs of Daitarn …in English. I was ecstatic, let me tell ya, with that and Shin Mazinger, My Giant Robot needs for the summer were met. So, all thoughts of Xanbungle were outta my mind until earlier this month when my boy ghostlightning went on Twitter and announced in All Caps that there were subs of Xanbungle in English. Naturally, I thought it was all lies but after an extensive search sure enough, the first 25 episodes already subbed for my viewing pleasure. I know I already said thanks for the heads up, but I’m saying again. Thanks

Also, mad thanks also goes to the Anti Xanbungle Subninja Union Subgroup or AXSUS (Yes , that’s their name, swear to God.) and all of the members of /m/ subs and all the related subgroups for all the Old School Giant Robot Goodness they have released over the year. Keep up the good work, guys!

The “And You’re Not!” Awards will be up either the end of this week or by the end of this year definably.

Also, Merry Effin Christmas and all that.


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