Posted by: Cobrafire | October 11, 2009

Melencholy 2: The Suckening

Hey, more shows to diss! In all honesty, I rather be watching Glee.

Lets get this over with…

Armed Librarians: The Book Of Bantorra

When I saw this on the Fall Season Preview list, my first thought was, “I like it better when it was called Library War.” someone, on the many forums that I habituate then replied Library War was too boring. Maybe, but at least I knew what the hell was going on.

Here’s what I managed to surmise:  The Librarians are Good, the Church is Evil. and Emos are used as human bombs, which by the way is the most productive use for an Emo.  One Emo in particular(and who I have the sinking feeling is the Main Character) ends up with a fragment of a book belonging to a bloodthirsty Expy of Joan of Arc or something. Also, he’s supposed to kill somebody…I think.

Also, I hoped I could go the rest of the year without hearing another ALI PROJECT song. No such luck.

Will I Keep Watching: Only to see if it starts making any sense.


When it comes to Anime, I tend to grade on a curve. As long as I’m not bored to death,  I will try to say something nice about it.

Kobato.(The period is supposed to be there) Bored me To Death.

My usual litmus for a show is 3 episodes, after which I’ll either keep watching or drop it like the Falcons dropped Micheal Vick.  I didn’t make it to 3 minutes before I went, “I really rather be watching Glee right now.” So I did. In it’s defense though, it not all Kobato.’s fault, seeing that I just finished Tsubadsa (Spelling intentional) after being confused for months on end, making this more of  a case of CLAMP fatigue.

Will I Keep Watching?: I’ll let Sesame Street answer that for me…

Letter Bee

I have read the Manga of this, and while I thought the setting was okay, It just wasn’t something to grab my  interest. I was gonna completely ignore this, but ghostlightning had some nice things to say about it, so what the hell.

So, after watching both the OVA and first episode as recommended, I have to admit that I like it, even if it is a Jump anime done by Studio Pierrot. Heck, the OVA even managed to bring tears to my eyes Disregard the previous nonsense about shedding tears and what not. It’s all lies I tell you!

Will I Keep Watching?: Sure, why not…

Nyan Koi

So,  boy accidentally breaks a statue belonging to a cat deity and is cursed with the ability to hear cats. He is then forced to do 100 Good Deeds towards catkind or else become one himself. Have I mentioned, By The Way, that he’s allergic to cats? I came in this not expecting to like this, but it turns out I found it sorta enjoyable. Then again, with the offerings this season, that ain’t sayin’ much.

Will I Keep Watching?: Yeah, If only for the Schadenfreude factor…

Darker Than Black 2: Couldn’t Think Of Anything Snazzy And I Already Used Electric Boogaloo…

Except for the first episode, I never watched the first Darker Than Black. I heard decent things about it, but Funimation snatched up the license for it weeks after it came out, so I never got around to it. So I came into it without knowing what the heck was going on. The Generic High School Confession Scene™ was cute and all, till one thing popped into my mind: “Wait a minute, isn’t this taking place in RUSSIA!?” But yeah, it looks interesting…

Will I Keep Watching?: Don’t see why not…

Inuyahsa Final Act

This is gonna be the easiest paragraph to write for one reason: I didn’t watch it. I applaud Viz for simulcasting it and all, but yeah, Inuyahsa Final Act is gonna remain unwatched due to the fact that I stopped caring about Inuyasha years ago. That and the Fangirls. Oh My Fucking God, the Fangirls…

Will I Keep Watching?: See the answer for Kobato.

Yeah, that’s it for now. I’ll probably check out Kimi No Todoke cause I heard nice things about it. Otherwise, that’s it for preview for the fall shows…


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