Posted by: Cobrafire | October 6, 2009

The Melencholy Of Cobrafire, A.K.A The Start Of The Fall Anime Season

So, with the Fall Season underway and all the Good shows Spring and Summer has brought us(And Valkirya. And Tears No Tiara, and Endless Eight. Goddamn Endless Eight…) ending or ended, the Fall season has creeped up on us. Will this season bring us the awesome bounty that Spring and Summer has given us, or will be like last year, a season of Misery, Regret, and Wasted Potential?

Judging by the shows that came out, I’m gonna have to go with the latter.

Do you know how completely uninterested I am in this season? I have been watching Power Rangers Super Sentai for the first time since middle school. I’ve also marathoned Kamen Rider Decade in a week and working on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. THAT is how uninteresting the fall line up is to me. But, since this is supposed to be an Anime Blog of some sort, I have to at least make an effort of some sort so here goes:


So,  boy transforms into a girl and is forced to fight with and against other girls who eventually end up liking him, all except for the One Girl he really likes, who ends up falling for the girl version of – OH DEAR! It’s like someone took Ranma 1/2, Mai Hime, Seikirei, and Kashimashi, put it in a blender, drained out all the interesting bits that each of the shows had, and made a fanfiction about it. And I probably gave a fantard or two some ideas by just saying that.

Also, naming a show off my Favorite Mobile Suit ever and boring me? Unforgivable!

Will I Keep Watching: Probably. I’m a sucker for punishment, which is why I’m a still a Lions fan…

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

One of the shows I actually wanna see this Fall(The other being Queen’s Blade S2, see below) the side story to To Aru Majustu No Index featuring one of the more interesting characters and none of the massive expositional dialogue this side of Serial Experiments Lain(I think). I started reading the manga when it first came out, and I really wanna see how it turns out.

Will I Keep Watching ?: Well,duh.

Queens Blade Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

One of the things that confounds me this year is the Massive Hate that 90% of the Anime Blogosphere has for Queen’s Blade (Except of Baka-Raptor, but he’s probably in it for the Les Yay/Foe Yay action…) After viewing all the viable arguments, I can only come up with one conclusion: Y’all Standards are set too high. I mean complaing about a Fanservice show having too much Naked Tits? Really? I came in on the Queen’s Blade bandwagon expecting  Swordfighting, Stripperiffic outfits, and Naked Tits, and Dammit, it delivered. With Season 2 starting, I expect more of the same.

Will I Keep Watching?: Does a Bear shit in the woods?

Seitokai no Ichizon

So, this is a first for me: A slice-of-life Anime based off a Light Novel. I mean how does that even work? Anyway, I knew trouble was brewing when they were referencing shows funnier and cooler than the one I was watching. The Medium Awareness was nice,  but that’s not really enough to keep my interest.

Will I keep watching?: Maybe, if I’m bored or something.

The Sacred Blacksmith

The first shock to my system was that this was done by Manglobe, of all studios. “Clearly this is an April Fool’s joke or something. I then realized two things: 1) It’s the start of October, and 2) Yes, Manglobe did make this. The second shock to my system was the fact that it was fairly decent. Well, Manglobe has yet to make a crappy show yet, and this looks promising…so far.

Will I Keep Watching: Yeah, providing it doesn’t get hit with the suck hammer.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll continue this when the rest of the Fodder shows up, so stay tuned.

And now, a Bad Pun:

Told you it was Awful...

Told you it was Awful.

(And yes, I did steal the OH DEAR line from Zero Punctuation…)



  1. I appreciate Queen’s Blade for the story. I appreciate it more for the fanservice, but the story is why I keep watching (along with the fanservice). Come for the fanservice, stay for the plot.

    • Meh, I thought plotwise, the first season was a bit flimsy. Season 2 looks promising, however…

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