Posted by: Cobrafire | June 14, 2009

Upon Further Recollection, Speed Racer Wasn’t As Bad As I Thought It Would Be….

Everyone by now knows that Dragonball: Evolution is a steaming pile of Male Bovine Excrement, and frankly, it deserves every ounce of bad press. But let’s rewind to 2008, when Speed Racer came out. Almost every Otaku(myself included, I’m afraid) were bitching and moaning about how Hollywood was gonna screw it up and it was gonna be a mockery of a Classic Anime series, much like we did with A movie called Dragonball this year.

There is just one thing: The Speed Racer Anime wasn’t that good to begin with.

In my opinion, Speed Racer is a Classic in the same vein as Manos: The Hands Of Fate is a Classic: They’re both inferior products that manage to withstand the test of time. The Speed Racer movie though, was actually pretty decent. Unlike the Excrement mentioned earlier, The Wachowski Brothers actually gave a shit about the source material. The race scenes were like F-Zero and Hot Wheels on CRACK. Speed was given a bit of Angst(and unlike Goku, it worked) which rounded out his character a bit more, Trixie wasn’t useless, and since Christina Ricci was playing her, also Hawt. The plot is pretty decent. All in all, I liked it.

“But Cobrafire,” you say, “How can you like this movie when it’s corny as hell?” To which I reply: Have you ever SEEN an episode of Speed Racer?

To be honest, I really should have gave the movie a chance before jumping on the “Hollywood is ruining Anime FOREVER” bandwagon. So when other live action movies based on a well known series, I won’t go all nerd rage and flat out proclaim it to be Garbage without trying to give it a benefit of a doubt.

Yes, even the Cowboy Bebop movie starring Keanu Reeves.

At least till the trailer…..


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