Posted by: Cobrafire | March 17, 2009

I Have Stared Into the Abyss, And The Abyss Flipped Me Off….

Nah, I just watched Dragonball – Evolution on Youtube, and it doesn’t disappoint : it is absolutley made of Fail and DESPAIR! But mostly Fail. I could go on  about how besides the obvious(The writer never read a page of Dragonball, for starters) they got it wrong, but a fellow deviant can do it better than I.

And to those complaining about how much of a shit job we Americans did, keep in mind that I apoligised months prior to the movie coming out, though I should rescind it due to the Manga That Must Not Be Named.

BTW, if you’re wondering what the actual Son Goku thinks about the movie, you’ll find out that he really don’t give a shit.

God, I mean two horrible things happing and it’s only Tuesday. I’m expecting Cthulu to rise anytime now…


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