Posted by: Cobrafire | February 24, 2009

And Now, All The Shows I’ve Been Watching All This Time Instead Of Posting Regularly

I totally forgot Street Fighter IV came out last week, so Crimsom Viper pic for the hell of it....

I totally forgot Street Fighter IV came out last week, so Crimsom Viper pic for the hell of it....

School Days : To be honest, I only downloaded the show for NICE BOAT episode, cause I really didn’t know anything about it until I was re-reading Mistakes Of Youth again(and as a rebuttal to Tina’s response: Yes you can, if you have an extremely fucked up sense of humor, which I do) Yes, dumping a girl you knocked up for someone else is a total asshole move, but honestly, it’s really too common of an asshole move(If it wasn’t I would be deprived of the spectacle that is the “Paternity Test Show” that comes on Maury ever so often) That and the love and respect that he receives for the fandom got me thinking, “ Come on, now there is no way in hell Matoko could be that big of an asshole. Yes, he got stabbed by the girl he knocked up and tossed aside(Hasn’t Al Green taught you ANYTHING!?),but there is no way he can be a massive douche like heard. There’s just no way! ”

That is, until I watched episode 11(I’m going through then in reverse order) when he fucks one girl twice, once while in school, and has bloody four way before the ten minute mark(I checked).


His attitude towards Sekai when they finally meet was the topper for me though, so let me say this: Matoko my boy, you deserve every once of hate.

Status: 2 out of 12 episodes watched(reverse order)

Ryoko’s Case Files: One of the shows I picked up thanks to the Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix. I have to say this off the bat: Izumida is a fucking saint to put up with a boss like Ryoko Yakushiji. She got him jumping though so many hoops, even Excalibur thinks it’s excessive. Suffice to say that I don’t possess such saintly characteristics and would most likely orchestrate a “friendly-fire incident” within a month. The shows pretty decent though, even though the kick ass French maids don’t appear until halfway through the show.

Status: 11 out of 13 episodes watched

Chaos;Head: To be honest, I completely forgot that I was watching this. This tends to happen to me a lot: I watch Show A, but then Show B catches my attention and I tend to forget about Show A. Actually, change ”a lot” to “almost all the time” hence my tendency to marathon shows in a single day. Anyway, it wasn’t a massive mindfuck as I thought it would be, but it for the best(I mean can you imagine how it would be if Satoshi Kon wrote and directed Chaos;Head? Damn would be putting it mildly…)

Status: Completed (12 out of 12 episodes watched)

Rideback: Yes you could say that it’s a motorcycle with arms, but let us honest here: You either want one or you’re trying to figure out if scientifically possible to build one. You know there’s an otaku at M.I.T trying to figure it out right now, and if there isn’t, well YOU FAIL ROBOTICS FOREVER!

Yes, I’ve been reading TV Tropes, why do you ask?

As for the anime itself, well there’s way too many thing going on and I kinda hoping it’ll all make sense at the end. Also, MELL needs to stop singing in English cause damn….

Status: 6 out of 13 episodes watched

Hetalia Axis Powers: We all know that there is something in the water that makes the Japanese come up with some weird shit. Case in point: an anime based on a webcomic in which countries are portrayed by bishonen. Hetalia has got to be the silliest 5 minutes one can spend(Yes, I seen Di Gi Charact) but thing that makes it out there is that even though it 10 shades of silly it also manages to be educational too.

Also, PASTA~~~~~~A!

Status: 4 out of 26(?) episodes watched

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Kodomo No Jikan Second Term: In a pure “what the fuck was I thiniking” mode I downloaded the first episode of the new series, only to be remided of why I didn’t watch the first series in the first place, though some of my colleagues are just drooling over it. I mean come on, having your daughter go out on the first day of school in a Stripperiffic outfit on the first day of school? YOU FAIL PARENTING FOREVER!! And this from someone who found someone getting chopped up and put in a bag hilarious….

Status: Came to my fucking senses; dropped

Chrome Shelled Regios: I only have two things to say 1) Felli is by far my favorite character in the show, and 2) There better be a point to the Engrish flashback scenes.

Status: 7 out of 26 episodes watched

LoGH: I’m on episode 40-something now I was gonna do a seperate posting on it, but heck with it. How come Yang seems to know what Reinhard gonna plan, yet is never in a position to counter it.(Rhetorical question; I know full well why) Also, we’re starting to good ol’ Reinhard being steered off due to a lack of proper rudder (i.e, Kircheis) and everyone pretty much realises it. And Oberstein bringing back the secert police? In the words of one Scooby-Doo : Ruh-oh! On the plus side, nobody I like hasn’t got killed so far, tough I get the feeling that’s about to change…

Status: 43 out of 110 episodes watched

Space Adventure Cobra: The other show I picked up thanks to the AGP. Being a child of the “Old School”, I am ashamed I haven’t picked it up sooner, though in all honesty, it was kinda hard for me to find. The other reason I got it is because of the new Cobra series coming out later this year. Yes, I found it to be quite awesome, but only in the world of Cobra can a femme walk around in a thong bikini, call herself an archeologist and be taken seriously, which is one of things that makes it awesome. The one bad thing I have to say is that the CG in the OVA is pure Ass. They make it look like it was made in 1998, not 2008. but yeah, that’s about it.

Status: 2 out of 31 episodes watched (TV)

3 out of 4 episodes watched (OVA)

A couple of other things re: School Days. First of all, I just finished reading the manga and the best thing I can say is “At least Matoko realized he was being an asshole this time around. Not that it helped. Godamn, is a happy (or bittersweet) ending that hard, Overflow?

The second thing when I was looking for School Days motivational posters, I came across this site that was have a contest based on them. The winner, located below is outright hilarious(at least to me)

You win one internet if you know where that quote came from.

You win one internet if you get the reference.

That’s it for now.


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