Posted by: Cobrafire | February 1, 2009

How Much Caffeine Does it Take To Make An Anime Blogger Go Crazy Delicious Nutzoid?

Remember my last post when I said I was taking a week off from watching any Anime? Well, I kinda took longer than I liked to. See, what had happen was I ended up having to move from Detroit back to Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti again. While Little Bastard (The name of mine computer, in case you don’t read my DevART journals. Hell I barely read them either.) made the move without a hitch, his power cord failed to make the journey, only to be reunited with it yesterday. That meant a shiteload of shows on my scheduler, which thanks to a 24/7 Starbucks and ridiculous amount of refills later, I’m nearly done with. That brings up another issue however. The winter 2009 season has started, and except for Birdy The Mighty Decode 2 and Slayers Revolution-R(Gawd, that’s so frakking corny…) I’m not really feeling any of them. So any suggestions at all will be extremely helpful.

Laters, and give me some shows to watch, Dammit!


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