Posted by: Cobrafire | April 29, 2007

I which I decide to watch the NFL Draft instead of rewatching Romeo X Juliet

I just spent 6 hours watching NFL draft coverage yesterday. Why, you ask? Cause one cannot live off of Anime alone, first of all. And secondly, I wanted to see if the Detroit Lions would draft a wide receiver again, which they did. So I start to gripe and complain about it when certain facts were pointed out to me:

  1. Calvin Johnson is indeed one of the best players in the draft behind JaMarcus Russel and would be a boon to the offense if they kept him. Also if they did decide to trade him, they could use him to get some of the high profile free agents lurking around.

  2. When I pointed out they needed a quarterback more than a receiver, I was then asked to name a quarterback worth a 1st round pick. I couldn’t name any. (And no offense to Brady Quinn, but there was a reason why ended up the 22nd pick instead of the 3rd or 4th like everyone predicted.) Besides, we ended up getting a QB in the 2nd round anyway.

And despite all that, the Browns first round maneuvering to get Quinn was pure win…If you were a Browns fan.

Anyway, I figure that I suspend my pessimism for now. After all, I can wait till September for things to fall to shit, now can I?


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