Posted by: Cobrafire | April 10, 2007

Code Geass Season 1 – Afterthoughts

Two shows that I have watch religiously ended their seasons: Battlestar Galatica and Code Geass. The reason I bring this up is because I swear to god they nearly ended the same damn way. But I not come to bury this season, but to kvetch about it, so….

  1. Y’know that one quote in the bible about how pointless it is to gain the world at the cost of one’s soul? That’s Lulu in a nutshell. He has climbed over a mountain of corpses to get what he wants, but adding Euphie’s to said mountain may prove to be to much for him.

  2. Also, that conversation Kira – I mean Susaku and Lulu had? The last polite conversation either of them are gonna have. And then there’s V.V….

  3. And while we’re on the subject on lovers in mourning(If by which lover you mean “fantasizing about her while humping a table), Nina’s building a Knightmare. This can’t be good.

  4. Why do I get the feeling that Schinzel knew that it was all gonna end in tears?

  5. And speaking of bad tidings, Orange-kun’s back!

Unlike Battlestar, though, I don’t have to wait till next year to see what happens next though, so I guess I should count my blessings…



  1. Well written article.

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