Posted by: Cobrafire | January 16, 2007

My Thoughts on Code Geass So Far

Note: If you haven’t seen Code Geass up to #13 or at all, hit back on your browser now.

Re: Nina’s “love scene”

  1. OMG, is she?…..Is that? What. The. Fuck!?

  2. Somebody’s been watching End of Evangelion again.

  3. Projected number of Doujinshi that will be based on that scene = about 20

I know CLAMP is doing the character design, but is it just me, or does some of the characters look like they came outta Gundam Seed ?

Lulu finding out he inadvertently killed Shirley’s Dad = Shit hitting the Fan.

Shirley finding Lulu, the person she’s in love with, is also the person who killed her Dad = Fan being piled high with Shit.

Also, didn’t I see this off of a Gundam show years ago?

Lelouch needs a Knightmare. Only ace pilots can pull shit like using mass produced mech without dying, and he’s not one of them.

Is there gonna be a second character with GEASS(most likely), or will Lulu use GEASS on himself(also likely)?

The Pizza Hut thing? It isn’t the first time products were shilled in anime. Won’t be the last, either.

So far, I’m enjoying the ride. As long as Sunrise don’t pull anything that causes major plot holes (I’m looking at you, Mai-Otome), it shoud be an enjoyable series.


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