Posted by: Cobrafire | January 7, 2007

Intros and New Anime

Yeah, I was planning on doing something witty to say for my first post, but since I can’t think of anything….fuck it. My name’s Ian, I also go by the name Cobrafire, and I watch anime. I actually do more than just watch anime, but I’ll get to that later. The 2007 anime season is starting up in Japan and I just wanna point out some shows that I’ll most likely watch. If you want a complete list of what actually coming out, I suggest going Here and Here. Some of my picks are:

Ikki Tousen-Dragon Destiny: Picks up where the first series left off, i.e., Girls beating the shit outta each other and flashing panties, and really, what’s wrong with that?

GR -GIANT ROBO-: A remake of one of my all time faves? I’m so there.

Nodame Cantibile: I enjoyed the manga, can’t wait to see how the anime turns out.

Gothicmade: Mamoru “Five Star Stories” Nagano’s latest. Also waiting with baited breath.

But in all honesty, the 2007 season can summed up with four words: Loli girls with guns


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